Beamish Trip

On Friday 8th December and Friday 15th December 80 Year 7 and 8 students visited the Beamish Museum and Frost Fayre. Overall, it was a really enjoyable experience and we all really enjoyed ourselves! The highlight of the day was visiting the ‘Frost Fayre’ which was an old fashioned fun fair. Ice skating was incredibly fun, as was the ride on the carousel!

Once we’d finished at the fair we took the bus to the Old Town where there were a variety of shops all different to the ones we have today! The sweet shop and the bakery were the best ones! In the Pit Village we were given a tour of the mines and experienced what it would have been like to work down there and we were also given a lesson in a Victorian school!

To top the day off we got to feed the reindeers and visited the gift shop! Overall, the day was really fun and enjoyable!

Write up by 8 Ampleforth