What is Chaplaincy?

As a Catholic College, everything we do is centred on Christ. As such, chaplaincy plays an important role.

The aim of the chaplaincy department is to nurture the faith and spirituality of the students and staff here at St. Patrick’s. Christ has invited each and every one of us to encounter Him, so the Chaplaincy department works to ensure each person in our school community receives and responds to that special invitation.

An essential part in fostering the Catholic ethos and mission of the school is collective worship. The opportunity for such worship can be found during weekly Key Stage Liturgies and Daily Form Prayers. Collective worship allocates space for spiritual and personal reflection, exploration of beliefs, and contemplation on our calling to build the Kingdom of God by serving Christ and serving others.


What is the role of a Chaplaincy-Co-ordinator?

  • To be a witness to Christ throughout the school;
  • To develop the spiritual life within school, through the planning and deliverance of liturgies, prayers and retreats;
  • To provide opportunities for Sacramental worship;
  • To promote the Gospel values and our school ethos and mission;
  • To spend time getting to know all pupils and staff;
  • To offer support, a helping hand, a shoulder to cry on, an ear for listening and to encourage others to do the same.
The Liturgical Leadership Team


What is the Liturgical Leadership Team?

The Liturgical Leadership Team consists of students from across all year groups, who are passionate about keeping the Catholic life of St. Patrick’s Catholic College alive.

Liturgical Life Leaders are responsible for:

  • Planning and delivering liturgies within the school
  • Organising school Masses
  • Organising fundraising events
  • Thinking of new and exciting ideas to improve the Catholic Life of the school
  • Learning new skills for writing prayers, liturgies and reflections
  • Partaking in Wednesday lunch time liturgies in the chapel, which are open to all students
  • Attending weekly meetings, after school on a Wednesday
  • Helping the wider community through volunteer work


What’s on in the Chaplaincy Department?

Monday: Prayer Group (break and lunch times in the Chapel)

Wednesday: Lunch and Liturgy in the Chapel

Friday lunch times: CAFOD awareness Group