Mental Health Awareness

“When families are short of time or money it is not always easy to know where to look for help or advice. That is why we need schools and communities to play their full role to help children who are struggling in ways that are not always easy to see…Together, we have the chance to make a real difference for an entire generation of young children… The mental health of our children must be seen as every bit as important as their physical health.”
Kate Middleton, The Duchess of Cambridge.

“We need to see each child as a gift to be welcomed, cherished and protected.”
Pope Francis

Everyone has mental health just like they have physical health. Just like physical health, sometimes you can have bad mental health. There is still a stigma around talking about mental health. It is time to change this. Here at St Patrick’s Catholic College we know how important it is to tackle the issue of mental health. The time through secondary school is challenging at times for everyone; pupils, parents and staff. That is why we are taking steps to ensure that we have support within College. We teach about Mental Health throughout PSHE, form times and assemblies. We have clear signposts around school telling students where they can get help if they are concerned about anything. From January, there will be a team of Mental Health Ambassadors who will help with awareness around school. We also have an excellent pastoral team who can help with any problems.

If you do have any concerns, questions or would like to be involved please contact me (details below) or the Mental Health SLT Link, Mrs Michelle Booth.

Thank you,

Mrs Catherine Handley
Mental Health Lead










Useful Websites:

Papyrus – Prevention of young suicide UK
Students against depression

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